Monday, November 10, 2008

Our last day

This is the last day of our stay in the Phils. and we had a time of pictorial and prayer with family. Rob and I went with Elsie had lunch at ATC then proceeded to Landmark, Makati to do a last minute shopping and we had to go to Elgad tailoring to fit the dress I'm gonna wear for Elsie's wedding. Later that day, we had dinner with Manix & Annabelle in ATC.

Family pictorial

Rob thanking everybody

Saying goodbyes

Sunday, November 9, 2008

3rd yr Anniversary of Lighthouse Sta Rosa, Laguna

Elsie preached that morning and Rob exhorted during the offering time. I'm so happy that my friends (ex-Zuellig/co-workers 13yrs ago)Bless and Mayeth together with their daughters came to attend church and see me. They both went during the altar call. Thank God!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hanging out

Hanging out with my sisters and nieces, nephews day before Sta Rosa's 3rd yr anniversary celebration. Rob went to see Hubert at this day.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Youth Night

Rob spoke to at least 50 young people of Lighthouse Sta Rosa. Out of the 50, 15 were 2nd timers and they brought 15 new friends with them. All of them (30) came during the altar call and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior. Halleluiah!

After the youth service, 3 boys approached one of the youth leaders saying that they're so thankful because now they know who really God is and is happy to serve Him.

Marketing and fellowship with the praise team

Rob and I enjoyed seeing and buying some Filipino food in Paseo market. It's nice to see those tropical fruits and live tilapias in the aquarium! :-) During lunchtime, we had bonding moment with the praise team and hear them talk about the recent music camp that they attended. It was funny coz most of the guys were so shy but they managed to express themselves, jokingly saying..."nose bleed" lol.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Visit with Hubert & Joan

We headed to Pasig that afternoon to see Hubert and Joan. Rob drove on the way there and we got lost but made it after an hour of figuring it out and asking people for directions and of course, with Hubert constantly calling us of our whereabouts. :-) They brought us, Rob, Elsie and I to a nearby Korean restaurant and we enjoyed the experience and of course , the food! :-)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dinner with Mayeth and Lowie

When we got back from Boracay, from the airport we head straight to Makati to meet with Bless and Mayeth. Unfortunately though, Bless wasn't able to make it instead Lowie took her place. Rob and I took them to a fancy seafood restaurant. While we were cracking some crabs, we can hear the romantic songs being sung by the piano guy who welcomed us. It was a fun night and a glimpse of Makati City life.

Boracay! Nov 3-5

Our 1st day to and in Boracay - Nov. 3

Early morning walk - Nov. 4

Island Hopping & grp. pictorial

Last day in Boracay-Nov. 5

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rob preached in Lighthouse Sta Rosa

Preaching the morning after arrival to Sta. Rosa was a challenge to stay awake through my sermon (lol) but it turned out okay. It was nice to see familiar and new faces from the last 2years I've been away. - Rob

After the service, we took the leaders out to lunch in Poquito Mas Restaurant in Paseo and had a chat with them.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Our flight

It was pouring when we left the house. Dave and Alyn Duncan was so generous to give us a ride to the airport. We left home at 10am and got to SEATAC around 11:30. Checking in our luggage was fast and easy. One of the guys at the check-in counter is a Filipino and he helped us with our luggage. When we were settled inside waiting for our boarding, Elma (she's Vick's landlady in Seattle) and AJ showed up. It was a pleasant surprise, they were boarding for Ethiopia one hour ahead from ours to Narita.

The flight to Narita was looong and bumpy. Rob said it's a smaller plane too. I was praying the whole flight. Once in Narita, we had the time to take a hot noodle soup before boarding. We were just so excited that it's the plane that's gonna bring us to Manila. Rob and I got all excited seeing all those Filipinos in the plane and hearing them speak tagalog.

We arrived safe and on time in Manila. The check out of luggage was fast too...the only thing that kept us was lining up in the immigration. We couldn't wait to get out of the airport and see Manix pick us up. Once out in the arrival area, I saw a familiar face, Roxie :-) then she called Manix at the parking area and tell him that we're already there. We we're so hyped up when we saw that the whole Ong tribe (including the newborn baby girl, Elliana) was there in the van. It was a blast!