Friday, October 31, 2008

Our flight

It was pouring when we left the house. Dave and Alyn Duncan was so generous to give us a ride to the airport. We left home at 10am and got to SEATAC around 11:30. Checking in our luggage was fast and easy. One of the guys at the check-in counter is a Filipino and he helped us with our luggage. When we were settled inside waiting for our boarding, Elma (she's Vick's landlady in Seattle) and AJ showed up. It was a pleasant surprise, they were boarding for Ethiopia one hour ahead from ours to Narita.

The flight to Narita was looong and bumpy. Rob said it's a smaller plane too. I was praying the whole flight. Once in Narita, we had the time to take a hot noodle soup before boarding. We were just so excited that it's the plane that's gonna bring us to Manila. Rob and I got all excited seeing all those Filipinos in the plane and hearing them speak tagalog.

We arrived safe and on time in Manila. The check out of luggage was fast too...the only thing that kept us was lining up in the immigration. We couldn't wait to get out of the airport and see Manix pick us up. Once out in the arrival area, I saw a familiar face, Roxie :-) then she called Manix at the parking area and tell him that we're already there. We we're so hyped up when we saw that the whole Ong tribe (including the newborn baby girl, Elliana) was there in the van. It was a blast!